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EP 1 studio (11:30 a.m., TV) Quiz 1 Jan. 31 s t, 2008 Name --------- Last, First (PRINT) A basketball player aiming a ball toward net at speed of 25.0 rn/s and angle of 9=40° above the horizontal. The net is at d=40.0m from the player. a) How far above the release point the net should be located in order the ball hit the net?
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Unformatted text preview: b) What are the horizontal and vertical components of ball's velocity at the time ball hits the net? co V 0 ~:::. ~ 5 G;,. .., 4 o s: I q . Lm /' S (j V o '! ::: ~~~40 ::\b~/ 14---tl---S -----~...
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