Homework Set #2 Problems

1 ft from its base as shown in the gure a sailor on

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Unformatted text preview: extends d = 19 .1 ft from its base, as shown in the figure. A sailor on the deck of a ship sights the top of the lighthouse at an angle of θ = 30 .2 ◦ above the horizontal. If the sailor’s eye level is h2 = 15 .5 ft above the water, how far is the ship from the rocks? Problem 10: (a) Rank the vectors in the diagram in order of increasing magnitude. (b) Rank the vectors in order of increasing value of their x components. (c) Rank the vectors in the above diagram in order of increasing value of their y components. Problem 11: The velocity vector V1 has a magnitude of 4 .0 m/s and is directed along the +x-axis. The velocity vector V2 has a magnitude of 3 .0 m/s. The sum of the two is V3 , so that V3 = V1 + V2 . Which of the f...
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