6 rads2 in a 0 1 s interval it turns through an angle

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Unformatted text preview: of 0 .6 rad/s2 . In a 0 .1 s interval, it turns through an angle of 60 rad. How long has the wheel been in motion at the start of this 0.1 s interval? Problem 3: When it is 8 : 00 , the hour hand on an analog clock is 240 ◦ ahead of the minute hand. How many minutes elapse (to three significant digits) before the minute hand next points in the same direction as the hour hand? This document requires a JavaScript-enabled PDF reader Problem 4: A wheel has eight spokes and radius 29 cm. It mounted on fixed axle such as Adobe3 Reader. want toa shoot aof15 .0.0cm long isarrow throughathe wheel, and is spinning at .75 rev/s. You parallel to this axle, without hitting any of the spokes. Assume that the arrow and the spokes are very thin and...
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