Problem Set #9 Problems

B the system is set rotating about the above axis

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Unformatted text preview: one of the masses. (b) The system is set rotating about the above axis with kinetic energy of 183 .0 J. Find the number of revolutions the system makes per minute. Problem 8: What linear speed must a 0 .0511 kg hula hoop have if its total kinetic energy is to be 0 .152 J? Assume the hoop rolls on the ground without slipping. Problem 9: After you pick up a spare, your bowling ball rolls without slipping back toward the ball rack with a linear speed of v = 3 .40 m/s, as shown in the figure. To reach the rack, the ball rolls up a ramp that rises through a vertical distance of h = 0 .528 m. What is the linear speed of the ball when it reaches the top of the ramp? Problem 10: A m1 = 14 .4 kg mass and a m2 = 10 .7 kg mass are suspended by a pulley that ha...
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