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Generated by Clearspace on 2012-08-17-06:00 1 Literature, Arts, and Humanities Learning Community Blog: FAQs for Humanities Task 1 (essay) Literature, Arts, and Humanities Learning Community Blog Previous Next FAQs for Humanities Task 1 (essay) Posted by Lisa Horne Aug 6, 2012 What is the Humanities Performance Assessment? The Performance Assessment consists of two tasks in TaskStream. The first task is called Task 1 and is a 3-5 page essay that you will find instructions for in TaskStream. The second task is called Task 2 and is a PowerPoint presentation that you will also find instructions for in TaskStream. Your Course of Study will direct you to the necessary learning resrouces to engage in before you begin the tasks. What is the Humanities Task 1? Task 1 is the first task you will need to complete as part of your studies in the Humanities course. In this task students are asked to select two art historical periods from a given list and analyze the relationship between the periods. Students will need to write a 3-5 page essay using correct APA formatting. Detailed instructions for this task can be found in TaskStream. How do I begin? First, read the detailed instructions for the task in TaskStream. Second, engage fully in the learning resources for this course. I particularly recommend MindEdge modules 1-3, 8 and 10. You can also view the free online Annenberg videos about Art History (as listed in the COS) here: Annenberg Art History Videos: http://www.learner.org/resources/series1.html The learning resources listed above will give you a good foundation to work from for your task. Be sure to take advantage of them as you prepare to write your essay. Which two periods should I choose?
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Literature, Arts, and Humanities Learning Community Blog: FAQs for Humanities Task 1 (essay) Generated by Clearspace on 2012-08-17-06:00 2 You may select any two periods on the list. The periods on the task instrucitons are roughly in chronological order. I recommend working through Module 3 in MindEdge first, then coming back to the list and selecting your periods. You might also consider selecting periods that are relatively close to each other on the list. Where should I go to do research? The WGU Library . Be sure to take advantage of all that WGU makes available to you. I recommend using WorldCat to find books and First Search/Wilson Select to find articles. Then, if the source you need is not available online, use the interlibrary loan system to have it sent to you. The WGU library home page has several helpful tutorials on how to research a topic. Learning Resources : MindEdge Modules 1-3, 8 and 10. The Metropolitan Museum of Art website. This is a great place to find information on your art historical time periods. I suggest using the timeline provided on this site to find the particular periods you are interested in and then reading the "Thematic Essays" they have provided. Click the following link to be taken to a list of the thematic essays they have available:
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