Exam2b - 1 Principles of Ecology(BIOL 4253 EXAM 2(sec 2 If...

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1 Principles of Ecology(BIOL 4253) - EXAM 2 (sec 2) If it is OK to have your exam returned in class with other students' exams, please initial here __________. Name__________________________________________________ Mar 5, 2012 Please write your name on this test form and bubble in your name (last name first) and your student ID number on the scantron. Choose the best answer. If you do not know the correct answer, then guess because your score will be based only on the number of correct answers. If you wish, you may write a note on this exam for later consideration. 1. What is the formula to estimate the Generation Time (T) in a population with overlapping generations? A. Σl x B. Σl x m x x C.Σl x m x D. Σl x +Σm x E. Σl x m x x/Σl x m x 2. In Winemiller and Rose's classification of life history strategies (opportunistic, equilibrium, periodic), the opportunistic strategy includes a ______ absolute reproductive output that represents a _____percentage of its energy budget allocated to reproduction. A. low. ..low B. high. ..low C. high. ..high D. low. ..high 3. Leaves of tropical plant species contain toxic alkaloids _______ temperate plant species. A. more frequently than B. as frequently as C. less frequently than 4. Size-selective predation refers to ___________. A. same sized predator individuals select prey individuals that are different sizes B. different sized predator individuals select prey individuals that are all about the same size C. different sized predator individuals select prey individuals of different sizes 5. In regard to variation in the prey diets, widespread carnivores generally vary _______ carnivores with small geographic ranges. A. more than B. about the same as C. less than 6. In the bluegill sunfish study by Werner and Mittelbach (1981), optimal foraging theory predicted that the fish should eat_____. A. all prey they encounter B. only smaller prey individuals C. only medium and larger prey individuals D. only defenseless individuals 7. A density dependent mortality factor is one that causes ________ when the population density is higher. A. more individual deaths B. a higher rate or percent of deaths C. the same number of deaths 8. Endler's experiments with guppies in artificial ponds, confirmed in field experiments, demonstrated that selection for male color-pattern is a balance between A. female mate choice and predator avoidance B. female mate choice and kin selection C. cooperative breeding and predator avoidance D. cooperative breeding and dominance E. female mate choice and cooperative breeding 9. Evidence among plants (for example, wild radishes) shows that once pollen has arrived on a stigma there is _______mating success among different pollen donors. A. Equal
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Exam2b - 1 Principles of Ecology(BIOL 4253 EXAM 2(sec 2 If...

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