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GeneralInstructionsToGraders - correctly equations MUST be...

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General Grading Instructions for Exams CIRCLE CORRECT STUDIO INSTRUCTOR Be sure to give student 1 point if they circle their CORRECT studio instructor. WORKED PROBLEMS 1) Deduct 1 point for an incorrect or missing unit in an ANSWER. Student does not need to show units in working. If a student writes a unit in an alternative correct form (e.g. kg.m/s 2 instead of N ) they should get full points. 2) Deduct 1 point for a purely numerical error. 3) Deduct one point for incorrect prefix, e.g. the μ in ‘ μ m’ means ’10 -6 ’ so that ‘1 μ m = 10 -6 m’. 4) If the student does not get full credit you MUST indicate errors with an SMALL ‘x’. Do not ‘x’ out large portions of student work. Put a small neat ‘x’ to the right of anything that is wrong. 5) If the answer to a question is blank put a neat ‘\’ just below the question. 6) If the answer is wrong be sure to give some partial credit IF the student starts the problem
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Unformatted text preview: correctly - equations MUST be in symbol form, not just a bunch of numbers to get partial credit. Equation in symbol form: v 2 = v o 2 +2 a ( x – x o ) [write it this way first then put numbers in] Equation in number form: v 2 = (3) 2 +2(9.8) (5 – 0) This is the way ALL homework problems are done! 7) If a student uses an incorrect answer from a previous part of a problem on the next part AND does everything correct or the next part, they should get FULL CREDIT for the next part although the numerical answer will be wrong. MULTIPLE CHOICE 1) If an answer is incorrect, circle the correct answer . 2) Most multiple choice questions are worth 3 points. Some have different scores. Write score student gets to the LEFT of each question. (This will be ‘0’ if the answer is incorrect and full points if the answer is correct). Total the score NEATLY in the box at the bottom of each page....
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