Bio 123 - 3. 1861-Oxford debate between bishop Wilberforce...

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Bio 123-1/28/08 Jean Babtiste Lamarck(1744-1829) 1.) Inheritance of acquired traits 2.) Inner will to improve 3.) Use and disuse Trofim Lysenko 1.) Ruled soviet agriculture until 1965 2.) Believed in inheritance of acquired traits 3.) Summer wheat-winter wheat 1887-August Weismann- Germ Plasm Theory 1. body cells not involved in heredity 2. Germ cells(sperm and eggs) responsible for heredity; germ cells not influenced by the behavior of the body (somatic cells) 3. Refuted Lamarck’s theory of inheritance of acquired traits 4. Cut off tails of mice for 20 generations 1. Mice still had tails of normal size 5. What happened to sperms and eggs was important for heredity not body cells Charles Darwin-On the Origin of species -1859 (natural selection) 1. Inherited variaion 2. Great reproductive potential 3. Not all organisms survive and reproduce equally well 4. Those individuals with the most favorable inherited traits survive and reproduce best Captain Fitzroy 1. Captain of the HMS Beagle 2. Believer in special creation
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Unformatted text preview: 3. 1861-Oxford debate between bishop Wilberforce (special creation) versus Thomas Huxley (Darwin believer) (winner) 4. Fitzroy rise to his feet and waved his bible 5. He shouted regrets about taking Darwin on the Beagle voyage 6. 1865-Fitzroy committed suicide John Scopes Trial (The Scopes Monkey Trial) (1925) 1. High school biology teacher on trial in Tennessee for teaching evolution-prohibited in Tennessee schools by the butler law 2. William Jennings Bryan (special creation and 3 time presidential loser) 3. Versus Clarance Darrow (defense lawyer-Darwin Supporter) 4. Darrow made a monkey of the man 5. Scopes was found gulty and fined $100 He was later acquitted by the Tennessee Supreme court, but the law was judged constitutional-in effect intil 1967 Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) 1. Priest and substitute high school science teacher 2. Twice failed exam 3. Hawkweed-Apogomy (apomixes) reproduces asexually...
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Bio 123 - 3. 1861-Oxford debate between bishop Wilberforce...

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