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Ch 1: Definition and Philosophical Questions 2 Greek roots: Psyche = soul or mind; Logos = word Contemporary Definition : Systematic study of behavior and experience General Pts It Depends : Human behavior and experiences thought to differ depending on various circumstances ( individual differences ) Correlation Does Not Imply Causation ( coefficient; positive vs. negative; issues of reverse causation and 3 rd variable ). Philosophical Issues Mind/Brain Problem (Dualism & Descartes; alternatives of reductionism and monism) Nature vs. Nurture : Can consider separately for research, but not in a single individual (Watsonian Behaviorism v. Ethology) What Psychologists Do Differences in Perspective : Psychologists work in various settings, with most prevalent academic; may study similar questions, but approach them based upon specialization. Service to Individuals : Psychiatrist; Analyst; Clinical Social Worker; Counselor; Forensic. Service to Organizations : I/O; School; Human Factors Educational Requirements : Ph.D.; PsyD; Master’s Who Should Major? Bad News : Few jobs advertise for BA in Psych Good News : Variety of jobs available for BA, major unspecified; psych courses train students to be critical consumers of research, write papers, and analyze data. History of Psychology Wundt : Father of Psych who opened 1 st lab at U Leipzig in 1879; studied consciousness via introspection method.
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: Former Wundt student who opened lab at Cornell in 1892 to study basic structures of consciousness using introspection . : Father of American Psychology , opening Harvard lab and publishing 1 st psych textbook; coined ‘ stream of consciousness ’; applied approach: How do animals/humans use mental processes to adapt to world? Freud & Psychoanalysis (iceberg theory of personality; psychic determinism ; libido v. thenatos ; treatment involves free association/dream analysis à abreaction ) History of Psychology Continued : Redefining psych from study of mind to study of behavior; focus on empiricism; predominant force in mid 20 th century Skinner and Operant Conditioning (learning via reinforcement). Maslow and Humanistic Psychology : Focus on the uniqueness of humans and capacity for free choice, growth and wellness ( theory of self actualization ).
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Exam 1 Review - Ch 1: Definition and Philosophical...

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