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History Notes Nov 19 Reconstruction – Political Process through which the confederate states would be restored to the union 1865-77 Individual return First was Tennessee I. Complications and Unresolved Issues A. No constitutional guidance B. End of civil war lacked a peace treaty C. Vision of reconstruction varied i. Democrats - short and gentle, end of slavery 3/5 clause, democratic power stood to benefit by defeat ii. Republican- Extended, Comprehensive, real social and economic change to South. Must be transformed, so civil war would never happen again. What would be the price the confederacy would pay as a result? Trials? Executions? Political Right? Property returned? Status of the 4 Million former slaves. 1. What are the slaves rights? Relationship between blacks and whites. II. Presidential Reconstruction- Andrew Johnson only southern senator to remain loyal to the Union. Democratic Slave holder Southerner April of 1865-December 1865 A. Two Proclamations- May 1865 a. Issues General offer of Amnesty to any Confederate that would take an oath of future
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History Notes - History Notes Nov 19 Reconstruction...

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