Module 5 -A Juggling Act Part 1

Module 5 -A Juggling Act Part 1 - Team H Integrative Case...

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Team H Integrative Case Study: A Juggling Act – Part 1 October 9, 2011 Identification Key Facts Prior to becoming a parent Anna was a star performer, was promoted rapidly and received significant pay increases After she had her daughter, Anna moved to part-time to allow her the flexibility of working and spending time with her daughter. Anna’s motivation is now shared between being a mother and a “star performer” Anna found that her work on an internal office project was unrewarding and she missed the pressure and satisfaction of working on a client site. Anna became part of the management team of a large, client based project with tight deadlines and challenging work. Anna is dissatisfied with her level of contribution when compared to other managers since she misses out on key decisions and project progress Her days at home are used to play catch up with the office, thus impeding on her quality time with her daughter Anna is feeling overwhelmed trying to find the right balance of work and home life. Anna does not feel that there is anyone close to her who can relate to her situation and offer support Although her colleagues are supportive and outwardly sympathetic to her situation, they may not really understand how she feels because they continue to add to her work load.
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Module 5 -A Juggling Act Part 1 - Team H Integrative Case...

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