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Writing Assignment 3 - Writing Assignment Do athletes have...

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Writing Assignment Do athletes have any advantages/disadvantages when it comes to school? Example of situation that causes discussion Do student athletes attend an easier college then the non athletes at the university? Actually Harder Contrary to popular belief student athletes actually attend a harder college then the non athletes. Finally is the stereotype true that student athletes are not intellectuals? Or is being good and knowledgeable of a sport make you an intellectual? Apply this to what Graff has to say in his essay Greg Holmes Professor Cheung College Writing
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18 December 2007 Schools are more interested in Athletics then Intellectualism Ever since college sports has become a million dollar industry People have debated whether or not schools focus more on athletics then intellectualism and academics by letting their athletes unfair advantages. This paper will first give an example of a topic that has aroused discussion. Then I will give my take on what happened and why it happened. Then I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a student athlete. Finally I will prove that being a student athlete helps make a person more of an intellectual then a person who just attends college. I will use what Gerald Graff wrote in his essay called “Hidden Intellectualism”. Last year, a high school in Massachusetts had a girl’s basketball team make it to the state finals. They lost in a heartbreaker, but the girls on the team were allowed to stay home from school the next day. Many of the other students said this was unfair that just because they were on a sports team that did well they still should not be excused from classes.
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