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Unformatted text preview: VOWEL”. (5 marks) EXAMPLE: [p t k g Ɂ] are all stops a. [z s ʃ ʧ]: strident/sibilant b. [b ʤ g m n l ð]: voiced c. [oj ow aw ej]: diphthong d. [e u ɑ]: tense e. [ŋ n m]: nasal 1 mark each; all or nothing. 4. BRIEFLY DESCRIBE THE PROCESS OF EPENTHESIS AND ILLUSTRATE IT WITH AN EXAMPLE. (5 marks) EPENTHESIS: one segment is inserted (in order to break an illegitimate sound cluster). One example: prince [prɪns], pronounced as [prɪnts], with the insertion of the segment [t]. - 3 marks for definition 2 marks for one example END OF QUIZ Page 2 of 2 20...
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