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Unformatted text preview: WORD. a. Convince /kɑn.vɪns/ or /kon.vɪns/ Wd σ σ R R O N C O N k ɑ n v ɪ C n s 1 mark phonemic transcription 2 marks for the first syllable 2 marks for the second syllable; 1 mark off for each mistake, up to 2 marks per syllable Page 1 of 2 LIN A01 H3 SUMMER 2011 QUIZ 1 – out of 20 Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 3. USING DESCRIPTIVE TERMS LIKE FRICATIVE, STOP, AND SO ON, PROVIDE THE MOST SPECIFIC PHONETIC CHARACTERISTIC THAT ALL THE SEGMENTS IN EACH GROUP SHARE. TRY TO AVOID OVER-OBVIOUS ANSWERS LIKE “CONSONANT” OR...
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