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The desired methyl salicylate product b has a maximum

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Unformatted text preview: methyl salicylate (B)', 'phenol','salicylate') The species concentrations evolve as: C. The desired methyl salicylate product (B) has a maximum around 0.11 mM just past 20 minutes in the reactor. Closer inspection of the time and Bsoln vectors shows a maximum of 0.186 mM at 21.5 minutes (your concentration and time may vary depending on where your numerical integrator reported data points and how you interpolated). Bonus: These equations can be solved analytically, as shown below on p. 5 ­7 from Prof. Hill’s solution key. Ouch. Mini bonus: Although the system is all linear ordinary differential equations and will certainly produce a solution composed of several exponential contributions, you can expect it to be slow and painstaking to obtain the analytical result. It is certainly Fall 2011 p. 5/7 easier for us to get a numerical solution after setting up the proper equations. If the problem had any...
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