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Cell Note Definitions - Bio 100 - Cell/Transport Active...

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Cell/Transport Active Transport – Movement of a molecule through a membrane against its concentration gradient, using a carrier protein and energy from ATP Carrier Protein Is a membrane protein that facilitates the diffusion of specific substances across the membrane. The molecule to be transported binds to the outer surface of the carrier protein; the protein then changes shape, allowing the molecule to move across the membrane through the protein. Cell – The structural and functional unit of life, smallest. Outer membrane that encloses a watery medium containing organic molecules, including genetic material composed of DNA Cell membrane - It is as Semi - permeable barrier around the cytoplasm. This only allows certain materials to pass in or out of the cell. Cell Wall (plant) – It is a rigid boundary consisting of peptidoglycans in prokaryotic cells and cellulose in plant cells. Central vacuole – A large, fluid filled vacuole occupying most of the volume of many plant cells; performs several functions, including maintaining turgor pressure Chloroplast – The organelle that carries out photosynthesis and starch grain formation. A chlorophyll containing organelle that is in plants that is the site of photosynthesis. Chromatin The complex of DNA and proteins that makes up eukaryotic chromosomes. Cilia – Concentration gradient – the difference in concentration of a substance between two parts of a fluid or across a barrier such as a membrane Cristae – a fold in the inner membrane of a mitochondrion Cytoplasm – the material contained within the plasma membrane of a cell, exclusive of the nucleus
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Cell Note Definitions - Bio 100 - Cell/Transport Active...

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