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Video Games - Critical assignment nov 28th MASS MEDIA VIDEO...

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Critical assignment nov 28 th MASS MEDIA VIDEO GAMES Movie Notes: Willy Higgenbachen – invented first computer game: 1958 1961 Steve Russell “Slug” - MIT, punch card video game “Space War”, $120,000 to own May 1972, Ralph Baer invented Pong called “Odyssey” $100, o “The Brown Box” licensed to Magnavox o Frank Sinatra Nolan Bushnell 1971 Computer Space (Pinball) o 1972 started business Atari Kings of Arcade business o Had same concept as Odyssey but added Ball speed Sound Called it “Pong” o America loved it Women better players than men (small motor coordination) o Incentive to get workers Parties o Magnavox sued Atari paid $1 mill and became licensee o Atarti top place to work Steve Jobs, Steve Wazniack (started Apple) o VCS Video Computer System 2600 (cartridge rather than whole new game) Sold company to pay for development Bombed, Nolan out Nolan started Chuck E Cheese 1977 Star Wars, “Space Invaders” by Midway o First arcade game to display High Score Color = tinted overlay PACMAN!! Namko (Japanese) brought to US by Midway o Originally Puckman o Licensed the characters Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr o Mario came out as the star o Nintendo! Sport Games using sports stars o John Madden Football (EA) Tetris o Most addictive game o 1980s,Russia SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog
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“First person shooter” your eyes are the screen, just see your hands ShareWare = sharing games online A Short History 1930’s Great Depression o Pinball Baffle Ball – first mass-produced arcade game (first pinball game) Contact – first electric pinball game (showed score) Considered gambling, cash payout, banned Humpty Dumpty – flippers come to pinball, rewarded with replays
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Video Games - Critical assignment nov 28th MASS MEDIA VIDEO...

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