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developmentaldebatereferences10.28.10 - and Adolescence...

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2218094 References Hargreaves, D.A., Tiggemann, M. (2004). Idealized media images and adolescent body image: “comparing” boys and girls. School of Psychology, Flinders University of South Australia , 1, 351-359. Jones, D.C., Crawford, J.K. (2005). Adolescent Boys and Body Image: Weight and Muscularity Concerns as Dual Pathways to Body Dissatisfaction. Journal of Youth
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Unformatted text preview: and Adolescence , 34 (6), 629-636. McCreary, D.R., Sasse, D.K. (2002). Gender Differences in High School Students’ Dieting Behavior and Their Correlates. International Journal of Men’s Health , 1 (2), 195. Tomori, M., Rus-Makovec, M. (2000). Eating Behavior, Depression, and Self-esteem in High School Students. Journal of Adolescent Health , 26 (5), 361-367....
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