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HRM powerpoint Chap18

Home country reference point used to maintain a

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Unformatted text preview: on Balance Sheet Approach – Equalizes cost differences between the international assignment and the same assignment in the home country. • Home-country reference point used to maintain a standard of living equivalency. • Home-country compensation and other benefits are protected during the international assignment. Global Market Approach – International assignments are viewed as continual and core components of compensation and benefits are provided regardless of assignment location. 18–18 Typical Expatriate Compensation Components Typical Expatriate Compensation Components Figure 18–10 18–19 Global Employment Global Employment Global Employee Global Employee Relations Issues Relations Issues Global LaborGlobal LaborManagement Management Management Management Relations Relations Relations Relations Discrimination Discrimination Discrimination Discrimination Regulations Regulations Globally Globally Globally Globally Global Health, Global Health, Global Global Safety, and Safety, and Security Security Security Security 18–20 Union Membership as a Percentage of Union Membership as a Percentage of Union Union the Workforce for Selected Countries tthe Workforce for Selected Countries he the Source: International Labor Organization, available at www.ilope.org. Figure 18–11 18–21...
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