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01 lithium 2 beryllium 3 4 li be 694 mercury 80

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Unformatted text preview: digit banner ID on scantron, there may be a delay in pos&ng your grade. If you put the incorrect version number on your exam or no version number, 4 points will be deducted from your score. 3 10/9/11 Have knowledge of the following Scien&sts 1.  Democritus 2.  Dimitri Mendeleev 3.  Albert Einstein 4.  Niels Bohr 5.  Ernest Rutherford 6.  Joseph Lockyer 7.  Henrie`a Leavi` 8.  Percival Lowell 9.  Clyde Tombaugh 10. Jocelyn Bell Burnell 11. Gordon Moore The following table of formulas will be included with the test (make sure you understand what all the symbols represent) 4 10/9/11 •  Be sure to know the “Key Terms” at the end of each chapter •  Solu&ons to Homework •  Understand Alpha, Beta decay and Gamma radia&on (alpha, beta and gamma par&cles), page 257 •  Life cycle of stars •  Forma&on of the earth •  Balance simple chemical equa&ons, page 212 •  Using the periodic table, determine how many protons, neutrons and electrons an element has The Periodic Table of the E...
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