Test will consist of matching quesons true false

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Unformatted text preview: n result in inaccurate scoring of ques&ons on the back of the sheet. Scantron Example 2 10/9/11 On day of Exam •  Do any last minute studying outside the lecture hall. •  Before entering, turn off cell phones and place in pocket, backpack, etc. You should only have your scantron, pencil(s), eraser and calculator on desk. •  You will be given an exam aXer you take your seat. Leave face down un&l told to start. Exchanging exams is not permi`ed and will result in a zero on the exam. •  When told to start, first put the exam version on your scantron sheet and begin. •  When you finish, bring you exam, scantron sheet and ID to a proctor to verify your iden&ty before leaving. Test will consist of –  Matching Ques&ons –  True False Ques&ons –  Mul&ple Choice Ques&ons Scores will be posted on Blackboard. If you do not put your 9...
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