The student should then mark the bubbles

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Unformatted text preview: restric&on is that 9999 in the first four boxes (A- D) of the Iden&fica&on field is reserved to indicate an answer key for the test. If more than one test version is given, the student must print the correct test version number in box J and mark the corresponding bubble or the test will NOT score. If only one test version is given, then box J can be leX blank. The student should then mark the bubbles corresponding to his/her responses to the test ques&ons. Any ques&on leX blank within the range of test ques&ons will be scored as an incorrect response. Mul&ple marks, including incomplete erasures, may result in an inaccurate scoring of the test. Because the scanner reads the back of the answer sheet through the paper, on tests with more than 100 ques&ons, stray marks on the front of the sheet ca...
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