April 1 2008 Lecture

April 1 2008 Lecture - April 1 2008 Potential for...

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April 1 2008 Potential for Modernizability Commitment to literacy. Iqr (read in the name of your lord). Stamp of the creed of literacy from the very beginning. Great potential for modernizability. Greater infatuation with numbers. The culture of numbers instead of the culture of words. Ex. Arabic numeral, Algebra is a direct word from Arabic. Willingness to learn from others and not just from your own tradition. At its best, it creates a creative synthesis. Was ready to learn from other civilizations. Learning architecture from Persia, learning theology from the Jews, learning philosophy from the Greeks, learning mathematics from the Indians and enlisting the help of the Jews in the pursuit of intellect. Ibn Rushd (1126-1198), a.k.a as Averoes by Europeans. Aristotelian and one of the first who proposed that the Earth was round. Ibn Sina, a.ka. Avecina (980-1037). Wrote commentaries on Greeks thinkers, and a canon on Medicine. Ibn Khaldun, was the father of the historical method, and one of the founders of the modern social sciences. Died in 1406. Doctrine of Islam trying to combine egalitarianism and learning from each other. The best among you is the most righteous, pious. Egalitarianism combined with Pluralism. Human differentiation and the imperative of Humans of learning from each other and about each other. A celebration of placing piety above tribal, racial stratifications. Potential Islamic Democratiziability Choosing the heir to the prophet Mohammad. Shi’a idea of succession is hereditary. Sunni idea of succession based on consensus by electoral of Sunni clerics. Democracy friendly. Shura, government by discussion. Principle of al-maslaha, public interest of a society. Racial equality in the entire history of Islam. Race wasn’t used in the eye of the Qur’an, only nations and tribes. Virtue and Worship alone define a person’s status. Most categorical in repudiating the idea of a chosen race. Worship in Islam has always been racially integrated. Only separated by denominations. Idjtihad, striving with your own reason and deduction in matters of faith. Zakat is an Islamic tax to help the poor and the disadvantaged. If it is done with sensitivity it can be democracy friendly. Islam is anti-interest and pro-profit. Money is always used for investment. The concept of illegitimate interest. Reba (usury). However Islam is comfortable with legitimate rates of profit. Muhammad may be the only founder of a great relationship who was in commercial partnership with his
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wife (ran a business). There must be principles of honesty, fairness and legitimacy. By being pro-profit allows for democratic friendliness. Our world doesn’t operate profit legitimately. Islamic Laws of inheritance. Contains elaborate rules of redistribution.
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April 1 2008 Lecture - April 1 2008 Potential for...

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