Exporting as maple input format to export a worksheet

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Unformatted text preview: n qbinom.m. > read "qbinom.m"; Now expr has its value again. > expr; (1 − q 7 ) (1 − q 8 ) (1 − q 9 ) (1 − q 10 ) (1 − q ) (1 − q 2 ) (1 − q 3 ) (1 − q 4 ) For more information on the read command, see 8.1 Reading Files. A Converting to LTEX Format A TEX is a program for typesetting mathematics, and L TEX is a macro package for TEX. The latex command converts Maple expressions to A A L TEX format. You can perform conversion to L TEX by using the latex command. Thus, you can use Maple to solve a problem, then convert the A A result to L TEX code that can be included in a L TEX document. Use the latex command in the following manner. latex( expr, "filename " ) • expr can be any mathematical expression. Maple-specific expressions, such as procedures, are not translatable • filename is optional, and specifies that Maple writes the translated output to the file you specified. If you do not specify a filename, Maple writes the output to the default output stream (your session) A • latex writes the L TEX code corresponding to the Maple expression expr to the file filename. If filename exists, latex overwrites it. If you 8.2 Writing Data to a File • 285 A omit filename, latex prints the L TEX code on the screen. You can A cut and paste from the output into your L TEX document. > latex( a/b ); {\frac {a}{b}} > latex( Limit( int(f(x), x=-n..n), n=infinity ) ); \lim _{n\rightarrow \infty }\int _{-n}^{n}\!f \left( x \right) {dx} The latex command: A • Produces code suitable for L TEX math mode. However, it does not produce the command for entering and leaving math mode, and it does not attempt any line breaking or alignment. • Can translate most types of mathematical expressions, including integrals, limits, sums, products, and matrices. You can expand the capabilities of latex by defining procedures with names of the form ‘latex/functionname ‘. Such a procedure formats calls to the function called functionname. You must produce the output of such formatting functions with the printf command. • Uses the writeto command to redirect the output when you specify a filename. A • Does not generate the commands that L TEX requires to put the typesetting system into mathematics mode (for example, $...$). A The following example shows the generation of L TEX for an equation for an integral and its value. Note: Int, the inert form of int, prevents the evaluation of the left-hand side of the equation that Maple is formatting. > Int(1/(x^4+1),x) = int(1/(x^4+1),x); √ √ 1√ x2 + x 2 + 1 1√ 1 √ dx = 2 ln( )+ 2 arctan(x 2 + 1) 4+1 x 8 4 x2 − x 2 + 1 √ √ 1 + 2 arctan(x 2 − 1) 4 286 • Chapter 8: Input and Output > latex(%); \int \! \left( {x}^{4}+1 \right) ^{-1}{dx}=1/8 \,\sqrt {2}\ln \left( {\frac {{x}^{2}+x\sqrt {2}+1}{{x}^{2}-x\sqrt {2}+1}} \right) +1/4\, \sqrt {2}\arctan \left( x\sqrt {2}+1 \right) + 1/4\,\sqrt {2}\arctan \left( x\sqrt {2}-1 \right) Section 8.3 Exporting Worksheets describe...
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