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Unformatted text preview: ic equations. This package gives expert users access to the routines used by the solve command for greater control over the solution process. Spread tools for working with spreadsheets in Maple. stats simple statistical manipulation of data; includes averaging, standard deviation, correlation coefficients, variance, and regression analysis. StringTools optimized commands for string manipulation. Student contains subpackages that are course specific. In general, the subpackages contain computation, interactive, and visualization components. The following is a description of three subpackages. Precalculus interactive tutors, which help with some of the fundamental concepts that lead to calculus. Calculus1 commands for stepping through differentiation, integration, and limit problems, visualization of Newton’s method, Riemann sums, arc length, volume of rotation and others, as well as routines for finding points of interest of an expression. LinearAlgebra commands to help instructors present and students learn the basic material of a standard first course in linear algebra. Visualization routines use Maple plotting facilities to represent various concepts and computations, for example, displaying two 3-D Vectors and their cross products. Interactive routines allow students to work interactively through a particular type of linear algebra problem, such as finding the eigenvalues of a square matrix. The subpackage also includes routines for Matrix computations, such as constructing a Matrix of Jordon blocks. SumTools tools for finding closed forms of definite and indefinite sums. tensor commands for calculating with tensors and their applications in General Relativity Theory. 4.2 The Maple Packages • 87 TypeTools commands for extending the set of recognized types in the type command. Units commands for converting values between units, and environments for performing calculations with units. VariationalCalculus commands for Calculus of Variations computations. VectorCalculus procedures to perform multivariate and Vector calculus operations on objects based on the rtable datatype. Worksheet commands that provide an infrastructure for generating and manipulating Maple worksheets by using the Maple language. XMLTools commands that manipulate Maple’s internal representation of XML documents. Example Packages The following section provides examples from five Maple packages. • Student[Calculus1] • LinearAlgebra • Matlab • Statistics • simplex Linear Optimization The Student Package The Student package contains subpackages designed to assist with the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics. There are many routines for displaying functions, computations, and theorems. In general, the Student package contains computation, interactive, and visualization components. For a complete list of subpackages, refer to the ?Student help page. The following provides examples from the Student[Calculus1] subpackage. The Student Calculus1 Subpackage (Sin...
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