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Unformatted text preview: is saved in /u/mydocs, the default image directory will be /u/mydocs/images. An Image Subdirectory of "" causes the images to be saved in the same directory as the HTML file. 288 • Chapter 8: Input and Output 8. To export the worksheet as an HTML document with frames, select the Use Frames check box. 9. You can export mathematical expressions in various forms. Select GIF images, MathML1.0, MathML2.0, or MathML2.0 with WebEQ. 10. Click OK. Example of Export to HTML Format The following is a Maple worksheet exported as HTML. Notice that other HTML documents (including a table of contents), which were created by the export process, are called within it. <html> <head> <title>tut1.htm</title> </head> <basefont size=3> <frameset cols="25%,*"> <frame src="tut1TOC.htm" name="TableOfContents"> <frame src="tut11.htm" name="Content"> <noframes> Sorry, this document requires that your browser support frames. <a href="tut11.htm" target="Content">This link</a> will take you to a non-frames presentation of the document. </noframes> </frameset> </basefont> </html> The following is a portion of the tut11.htm file called in the above tut1.htm file. <b><font color=#000000 size=5>Calculation</font></b> </p> <p align=left> <font color=#000000>Look at the integral </font> <img src="tut11.gif" width=120 height=60 alt="[Maple Math]" align=middle> <font color=#000000>. Notice that its integrand, </font> <img src="tut12.gif" width=89 height=50 alt="[Maple Math]" 8.3 Exporting Worksheets • 289 align=middle> <font color=#000000>, depends on the parameter </font> <img src="tut13.gif" width=13 height=32 alt="[Maple Math]" align=middle> <font color=#000000>.</font> </p> <p align=left> <font color=#000000>Give the integral a name so that you can refer to it later.</font> </p> <p align=left><a name="expr command"> <tt>&gt; </tt> <b><font color=#FF0000>expr := Int(x^2 * sin(x-a), x);</font></b> </p> <p align=center> <img src="tut14.gif" width=169 height=49 alt="[Maple Math]"> </p> <p align=left> <font color=#000000>The value of the integral is </font> <a href="tut4.html" target="_top">an anti-derivative</a> <font color=#000000> of the integrand.</font> </p> A LTEX A The .tex file that Maple generates is ready for processing by L TEX. All distributions of Maple include the necessary style files. A Translation of Maple Worksheets to LTEX The following is a description of what happens when you export the worksheet. A • Displayed mathematics is translated into L...
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