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Unformatted text preview: s how you can save an A entire worksheet in L TEX format. 8.3 Exporting Worksheets You can save your worksheets by selecting Save or Save As from the File menu. By selecting Export As from the File menu, you can also export a worksheet in the following formats: HTML or HTML with MathML, A L TEX, Maple Input, Maplet application, Maple Text, Plain Text, and Rich Text Format. (Maple automatically appends an appropriate extension.) This allows you to process a worksheet outside Maple. HTML and HTML with MathML The .html file that Maple generates can be loaded into any HTML browser. MathML is the Internet standard, sanctioned by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), for the communication of structured mathematical formulae between applications. For more information about MathML, refer to the ?MathML help page. Translation of Maple Worksheets to HTML or HTML with MathML • Animations are converted to animated GIFs. • Embedded images and plots are converted to GIFs. • HTML - Formatted mathematical output are converted to GIFs, with each line of mathematical notation corresponding to a separate GIF. • HTML with MathML - Formatted mathematical output is encoded by using the MathML version 2.0 standard (default selection) or by using the MathML version 1.0 standard (optional selection). • Hidden content is not exported. 8.3 Exporting Worksheets • 287 • Hyperlinks to help pages are converted to plain text in HTML. • Hyperlinks in worksheets are converted to links to HTML files. The links are renamed to be compatible with HTML. For example, a link in a Maple worksheet to a file named example.mws is converted to an html link to the file example.html. • Page breaks that are entered manually in Maple are not exported to HTML. • Sketch output is converted to GIF. • Spreadsheets are converted to HTML tables. • Worksheet styles are approximated by HTML style attributes on a text-object-by-text-object basis. Maple worksheets that are exported to HTML translate into multiple documents when using frames. If the frames feature is not selected, only one page that contains the worksheet contents is created. Exporting As HTML or HTML with MathML To export a Maple worksheet in HTML(HyperText Markup Language) format: 1. Open the worksheet to export. 2. From the File menu, select Export As. The Export As dialog opens. 3. Select HTML as a file type. 4. Specify a path and folder for the file. 5. Enter a filename. 6. Click Export. The HTML Options dialog opens. 7. In the Image Subdirectory field, enter the pathname for the directory where exported images are to be saved. Images in an HTML document cannot be saved in the HTML file. Each image is saved in its own GIF file. If the directory that you specified does not exist, it is created for you. All image directories are relative to the document. The default directory is images, and it is located under the same directory that was selected for the HTML document. For example, if the HTML document...
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