List of packages many maple packages are listed below

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Unformatted text preview: gebra package contains commands for the manipulation of Matrices. You can use a command from a package in three ways. 1. Use the complete name of the package and the command name. package [cmd ]( ... ) If the package has a subpackage, use the complete name of the package, the complete name of the subpackage, and the command name. package [subpackage ][cmd ]( ... ) 2. Activate the short form of the names for all the commands in a package by using the with command. with(package ) If the package has a subpackage, use the following with command. with(package [subpackage ]) Then use the short name for the command. 4.1 The Organization of Maple • 81 cmd (...) 3. Activate the short name for a single command from a package. with(package, cmd ) If the package has a subpackage, use the following command. with(package [subpackage ], cmd ) Then use the short form of the command name. cmd (...) The following example uses the Tangent command in the Student[Calculus1] package to calculate the slope of the tangent of the expression sin(x) at the point x = 0. > with(Student[Calculus1]); [AntiderivativePlot , AntiderivativeTutor , ApproximateInt , ApproximateIntTutor , ArcLength , ArcLengthTutor , Asymptotes , Clear , CriticalPoints , CurveAnalysisTutor , DerivativePlot , DerivativeTutor , DiffTutor , ExtremePoints , FunctionAverage , FunctionAverageTutor , FunctionChart , FunctionPlot , GetMessage , GetNumProblems , GetProblem , Hint , InflectionPoints , IntTutor , Integrand , InversePlot , InverseTutor , LimitTutor , MeanValueTheorem , MeanValueTheoremTutor , NewtonQuotient , NewtonsMethod , NewtonsMethodTutor , PointInterpolation , RiemannSum , RollesTheorem , Roots , Rule , Show , ShowIncomplete , ShowSteps , Summand , SurfaceOfRevolution , SurfaceOfRevolutionTutor , Tangent , TangentSecantTutor , TangentTutor , TaylorApproximation , TaylorApproximationTutor , Understand , Undo , VolumeOfRevolution , VolumeOfRevolutionTutor , WhatProblem ] 82 • Chapter 4: Maple Organization > Tangent(sin(x), x = 0); x When you enter the with(package); command, a list of the short forms of all command names in the package is displayed. A warning message is displayed if it has redefined any pre-existing names. To suppress the display of the shorts forms of all command names, end the command with a colon, for example, with(package):. 4.2 The Maple Packages Maple has packages of specialized commands perform tasks from an extensive variety of disciplines, from Student Calculus to General Relativity Theory. The examples in this section are not intended to be comprehensive. They are simply examples of a few commands in selected packages, to give you a glimpse of Maple functionality. List of Packages Many Maple packages are listed below. For a complete list of packages, refer to the ?packages help page. For a full list of commands in a particular package, refer to the ?packagename help page. algcurves tools for studying the one-dimensional algebraic varieties (curves) defined by multi-variate polynomials. CodeGeneration functions that translate Maple code to other programming languages such as C, Fortran, JavaTM , MATLAB r , and Visual Basic r . combinat combina...
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