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Unformatted text preview: torial functions, including commands for calculating permutations and combinations of lists, and partitions of integers. (Use the combstruct package instead, where possible.) combstruct commands for generating and counting combinatorial structures, as well as determining generating function equations for such counting. context tools for building and modifying context-sensitive menus in the Maple graphical user interface (for example, when right-clicking an output expression). 4.2 The Maple Packages • 83 CurveFitting commands that support curve-fitting. DEtools tools for manipulating, solving, and plotting systems of differential equations, phase portraits, and field plots. diffalg commands for manipulating systems of differential polynomial equations (ODEs or PDEs). difforms commands for handling differential forms; for problems in differential geometry. Domains commands to create domains of computation ; supports computing with polynomials, matrices, and series over number rings, finite fields, polynomial rings, and matrix rings. ExternalCalling commands that link to external functions. finance commands for financial computations. FileTools commands for file manipulation. Contains two subpackages: Text for manipulating text files and Binary for working with files of binary data. GaussInt commands for working with Gaussian Integers; that is, numbers of the form a + bI where a and b are integers. Commands for finding GCDs, factoring, and primality testing. genfunc commands for manipulating rational generating functions. geom3d commands for three-dimensional Euclidean geometry; to define and manipulate points, lines, planes, triangles, spheres, polyhedra, etcetera, in three dimensions. geometry commands for two-dimensional Euclidean geometry; to define and manipulate points, lines, triangles, and circles in two dimensions. Groebner commands for Gr¨bner basis computations; in particular tools o for Ore algebras and D-modules. group commands for working with permutation groups and finitelypresented groups. inttrans commands for working with integral transforms and their inverses. LibraryTools commands for library manipulation and processing. 84 • Chapter 4: Maple Organization liesymm commands for characterizing the contact symmetries of systems of partial differential equations. LinearAlgebra enhanced linear algebra commands for creating special types of Matrices, calculating with large numeric Matrices, and performing Matrix algebra. LinearFunctionalSystems commands that solve linear functional systems with polynomial coefficients, find the universal denominator of a rational solution, and transform a matrix recurrence system into an equivalent system with a nonsingular leading or trailing matrix. ListTools commands that manipulate lists. LREtools commands for manipulating, plotting, and solving linear recurrence equations. Maplets package commands for creating windows, dialogs, and other visual interfaces that interact with a user to provide the power of Maple. MathML commands that import and export Maple expressions to...
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