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Unformatted text preview: TEX 2e, using line-breaking algorithms to conform to the document width requested by the user. • Hidden content is not exported. • Images and sketches are not exported. A • Maple character styles are mapped directly onto L TEX 2e macro calls. A • Maple paragraph styles are mapped onto L TEX environments. A • Maple section headings are mapped onto L TEX sections and subsections. 290 • Chapter 8: Input and Output • Maple plots are rewritten in separate postscript files and links to those A files are inserted in the L TEX document. A • Maple spreadsheets are converted to L TEX tables. A Exporting As LTEX A To export a Maple worksheet to L TEX format: 1. Open the worksheet to export. 2. From the File menu, select Export As. The Export As dialog opens. 3. Select LaTeX as a file type. 4. Specify a path and folder for the file. 5. Enter a filename. Maple automatically appends a .tex extension. 6. Click Export. A Example of Export to LTEX Format A Maple worksheet exported as L TEX. The following is a portion of a \begin{verbatim} %% Source Worksheet: tut1.mws \documentclass{article} \usepackage{maple2e} \DefineParaStyle{Author} \DefineParaStyle{Heading 1} \DefineParaStyle{Maple Output} \DefineParaStyle{Maple Plot} \DefineParaStyle{Title} \DefineCharStyle{2D Comment} \DefineCharStyle{2D Math} \DefineCharStyle{2D Output} \DefineCharStyle{Hyperlink} \begin{document} \begin{maplegroup} \begin{Title} An Indefinite Integral \end{Title} \begin{Author} by Author Name \end{Author} 8.3 Exporting Worksheets • 291 \end{maplegroup} \section{Calculation} Look at the integral \mapleinline{inert}{2d}{Int(x^2*sin(x-a),x);}{% $\int x^{2}\,\mathrm{sin}(x - a)\,dx$% }. Notice that its integrand, \mapleinline{inert}{2d}{x^2*sin(x-a);}{% $x^{2}\,\mathrm{sin}(x - a)$% }, depends on the parameter \mapleinline{inert}{2d}{a;}{% $a$% }. A By default, the L TEX style files are set for printing the .tex file using the dvips printer driver. You can change this behavior by specifying an A option to the \usepackage L TEX command in the preamble of your .tex file. Section 8.4 Printing Graphics describes how to save graphics diA rectly. You can include such graphics files in your L TEX document by A X command. using the \mapleplot L TE Maple Input Export a Maple worksheet as Maple Input so that it can be loaded into a command-line version of Maple. Translation of Maple Worksheets to Maple Input The Maple Export as Maple Input facility translates a Maple worksheet into a .mpl file. The following describes what happens to various worksheet elements. • Animations, embedded images and plots, hidden content, page breaks, sketches, spreadsheets, worksheet styles, page numbers, contents of collapsed sections, output, and standard math elements are all ignored. • Hyperlinks are converted to plain text. The visible text of the link is present but information about the path is lost. • Maple input, text, and standard math input regions are maintained. • Text is preceded by the (#) character. 292 • Chapter 8: Input and Output Important: When exporting a w...
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