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Unformatted text preview: and from MathML text. Matlab commands to use several MATLAB numerical matrix functions, including eigenvalues and eigenvectors, determinants, and LUdecomposition. (Only accessible if MATLAB is installed on your system.) MatrixPolynomialAlgebra set of tools for the algebraic manipulation of matrix polynomials. networks tools for constructing, drawing, and analyzing combinatorial networks. Facilities for handling directed graphs, and arbitrary expressions for edge and vertex weights. numapprox commands for calculating polynomial approximations to functions on a given interval. numtheory commands for classic number theory, primality testing, finding the nth prime, factoring integers, generating cyclotomic polynomials. This package also contains commands for handling convergents. Ore_algebra routines for basic computations in algebras of linear operators. 4.2 The Maple Packages • 85 OrthogonalSeries commands for manipulating series of classical orthogonal polynomials or, more generally, hypergeometric polynomials. orthopoly commands for generating various types of orthogonal polynomials; useful in differential equation solving. padic commands for computing p-adic approximations to real numbers. PDEtools tools for manipulating, solving and plotting partial differential equations. plots commands for different types of specialized plots, including contour plots, two- and three-dimensional implicit plotting, plotting text, and plots in different coordinate systems. plottools commands for generating and manipulating graphical objects. PolynomialTools commands for manipulating polynomial objects. powseries commands to create and manipulate formal power series represented in general form. process the commands in this package allow you to write multi-process Maple programs under UNIX r . RandomTools commands for working with random objects. RationalNormalForms commands that construct the polynomial normal form or rational canonical forms of a rational function, or minimal representation of a hypergeometric term. RealDomain provides an environment in which the assumed underlying number system is the real number system not the complex number system. ScientificConstants commands that provide access to the values of various constant physical quantities that occur in fields such as chemistry and physics. ScientificErrorAnalysis commands that provide representation and construction of numerical quantitites that have a central value and associated uncertainty or error. This allows users to determine the uncertainty in, for example, the product of quantities-with-error. simplex commands for linear optimization using the simplex algorithm. 86 • Chapter 4: Maple Organization Slode commands for finding formal power series solutions of linear ODEs. Sockets commands for network communication in Maple. The routines in this package enable you to connect to processes on remote hosts on a network (such as an Intranet or the Internet) and exchange data with these processes. SolveTools commands that solve systems of algebra...
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