The commands within the plottools package create and

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Unformatted text preview: he chaotic nature that surrounds the image. Code for this graphic is available at the Maple Application Center. 3. Origami Bird The Origami Bird can be displayed as a simple graphic as well as a Maple animation. Code for the graphic and the animation are available at the Maple Application Center. 4. Conchoid Code for this and other seashells is available at the Maple Application Center. 5. Gauss Map Graphed on a Torus > > > > > > > > > > > with(plots): sp := [rho*cos(2*Pi*t), rho*sin(2*Pi*t), 0, radius=b]: pc := n -> [ (rho-r*cos(2*Pi*t))*cos(2*Pi/(n+t)), (rho-r*cos(2*Pi*t))*sin(2*Pi/(n+t)), -r*sin(2*Pi*t)]: rho, r, b := 3, 1.1, 1: s := spacecurve( {seq(pc(k), k=1..50)}, t=0..1, thickness=2, color=blue, view=[-4.4..4.4, -4.4..4.4, -2.2..2.2]): s2 := tubeplot( sp, t=0..1, tubepoints=150, view=[-4.4..4.4, -4.4..4.4, -2.2..2.2], style=PATCHNOGRID, color=cyan): 5.8 Code for Color Plates • 151 > display( {s,s2}, scaling=CONSTRAINED, orientation=[50,65], > transparency=0.8, shading=ZHUE, lightmodel=light1); 6. Moebius Strip > > > > > moebius := plot3d([4+x*cos(1/2*y), y, x*sin(1/2*y)], x=-Pi..Pi, y=-0..2*Pi, coords=cylindrical, style=patchnogrid, grid=[60,60], orientation=[35,135], lightmodel=light4, shading=zhue, scaling=constrained, transparency=0.3): plots[display](moebius); 7. Icosahedron > > > > > > > with(geom3d): icosahedron(p1, point(o, 0, 0, 0), 1): stellate(p2, p1, 4): p := draw(p2): q := plottools[homothety](p,3): plots[display]([p,q], scaling=constrained, style=patchnogrid, lightmodel=light4, shading=xyz, orientation=[-107,81]); To view other variations, change the height value in the stellate command. 8. Parameterized Surface of Revolution > > > > > > r1 := 2 + sin(7*t): z1 := r1*cos(s): r2 := 8+r1*sin(s): plot3d([r2*sin(t), r2*cos(t), z1], s=0..2*Pi, t=0..2*Pi, grid=[80, 80], axes=none, style=patchnogrid, lightmodel=light1, shading=XYZ, scaling=constrained, orientation=[100,50]); 9. Snowmen The Snowmen graphic is an animation. Code for this animation is available at the Maple Application Center. 10. Function of Two Variables in Cartesian Coordinates > > > > plot3d({sin(x^2+y^2), 2*cos(x^3+y^3)}, x=-3..3, y=-3..3, style=patch, grid=[70, 70], axes=none, shading=zgreyscale, style=patchnogrid, scaling=constrained, orientation=[50,30], lightmodel=light1); 152 • Chapter 5: Plotting 5.9 Interactive Plot Builder Maple allows you to build plots interactively. The interactive plot builder is invoked by using the context-sensitive menu or the plots[interactive] command. Using the Graphical User Interface To Activate Interactive Plot Builder The following provides instructions for using the graphical user interface to build plots. To activate the interactive plot builder: 1. Right-click the output of an executed Maple input command. A popup menu appears. 2. Select Plots, PlotBuilder. The Interactive Plot Builder dialog appears. 3. From the check box list, select a plot ty...
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