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Unformatted text preview: terface Maple mathematical functionality is accessed through its advanced worksheetbased graphical interface. A worksheet is a flexible document for exploring mathematical ideas and for creating sophisticated technical reports. You can access the power of the Maple computation engine through a variety of user interfaces: the standard worksheet, the command-line1 version, the classic worksheet (not available on Macintosh r ), and custom-built Maplet applications. The full Maple system is available through all of these interfaces. In this manual, any references to the graphical Maple interface refer to the standard worksheet interface. For more information on the various interface options, refer to the ?versions help page. Modes You can use Maple in two modes: as an interactive problem-solving environment and as a system for generating technical documents. 1 The command-line version provides optimum performance. However, the worksheet interface is easier to use and renders typeset, editable math output and higher quality plots. 3 4• Chapter 1: Introduction to Maple Interactive Problem-Solving Environment Maple allows you to undertake large problems and eliminates your mechanical errors. The interface provides documentation of the steps involved in finding your result. It allows you to easily modify a step or insert a new one in your solution method. With minimal effort you can compute the new result. Generating Technical Documents You can create interactive structured documents for presentations or publication that contain mathematics in which you can change an equation and update the solution automatically. You also can display plots. In addition, you can structure your documents by using tools such as outlining, styles, and hyperlinks. Outlining allows you to collapse sections to hide regions that contain distracting detail. Styles identify keywords, headings, and sections. Hyperlinks allow you to create live references that take the reader directly to pages containing related information. The interactive nature of Maple allows you to compute results and answer questions during presentations. You can clearly and effectively demonstrate why a seemingly acceptable solution method is inappropriate, or why a particular modification to a manufacturing process would lead to loss or profit. Since components of worksheets are directly associated with the structure of the document, you can easily translate A your work to other formats, for example, HTML, RTF, and L TEX. 2 Mathematics with Maple: The Basics This chapter introduces the Maple commands necessary to get you started. Use your computer to try the examples as you read. In This Chapter • Exact calculations • Numerical computations • Basic symbolic computations and assignment statements • Basic types of objects • Manipulation of objects and the commands Maple Help System At various points in this guide you are referred to the Maple help system. The help pages provide detailed command and topic informatio...
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