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Unformatted text preview: Format Text Format): To export a Maple worksheet in RTF (Rich 1. Open the worksheet to export. 2. From the File menu, select Export As. The Export As dialog opens. 3. Select Rich Text Format as a file type. 8.3 Exporting Worksheets • 297 4. Specify a path and folder for the file. 5. Enter a filename. 6. Click Export. Example of Export to RTF Format The following is a portion of a Maple worksheet exported as RTF. {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033 {\fonttbl {\f0 Times New Roman} {\f1 Symbol} {\f2 Courier New} } {\colortbl \red205\green205\blue205; \red255\green0\blue0; \red0\green0\blue0; \red0\green0\blue255; } {\stylesheet {\s0 \widctlpar} {\s1\qr footer_header} {\*\cs12\f2\fs24\cf1\i0 \b \ul0 \additive Maple Input} {\*\cs13\f0\fs24\cf2\i0 \b0 \ul0 \additive 2D Comment} {\*\cs14\f0\fs24\cf1\i0 \b0 \ul0 \additive 2D Input} {\*\cs15\f0\fs24\cf3\i0 \b0 \ul0 \additive 2D Output} XML Because Maple worksheets (.mw files) are saved in an XML-based format, you can display the structure of a Maple worksheet in XML applications. Loading XML Files as Worksheets You can use the graphical user interface to open an existing.xml document as a worksheet to modify content or to change the file’s appearance. 1. From the File menu, select Open. The Open dialog appears. 2. Select Maple Worksheet as XML to display all XML files. 3. From the Files list, select the XML file. 4. Click OK. 298 • Chapter 8: Input and Output 8.4 Printing Graphics On most platforms, Maple by default displays graphics directly in the worksheet as inline plots . You can use the plotsetup command to change this behavior. Note: Plots created with the default thickness of 0 are sometimes too faint for professionally published documents. It is recommended that you increase plot line thickness to 3 before submitting documents for professional printing. For information about this feature, see the ?plot[options] help page. Displaying Graphics in Separate Windows To display graphics in separate windows on your screen, use the following command. > plotsetup(window); With your plot in a separate window, you can print it through the File menu as you would print any other worksheet. The plotsetup command has the following general syntax. plotsetup( DeviceType, plotoutput="filename ", plotoption="options " ) • DeviceType is the graphics device that Maple must use • filename is the name of the output file • options is a string of options that the graphics driver recognizes Sending Graphics in PostScript Format to a File To send graphics in PostScript format to the file myplot.ps, use the following command. > plotsetup( postscript, plotoutput="myplot.ps" ); Consequently, the plot that the following plot command generates does not appear on the screen but is sent to the file myplot.ps. > plot( sin(x^2), x=-4..4 ); 8.5 Conclusion • 299 Graphics Suitable for HP LaserJet Maple can also generate graphics in a form suited to an HP LaserJet printer. Maple sends the graph that the following plot3d command generates to the file myplot.hp. > plotsetup( hpgl, plotoutput="myplot.hp", > plotoptions=laserjet ); > plot3d( tan(x*sin(y)), x=-Pi/3..Pi/3, y=-Pi..Pi); To print more than one plot, you must change the plotoutput option between each plot. Otherwise, the new plot overwrites the previous one. > plotsetup( plotoutput="myplot2.hp" ); > plot( [email protected], 0..10 ); When you are finished exporting grap...
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