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Atomselecconfhe2s22p4thisisoxygeno 2 for each of the

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Unformatted text preview: and ground‐state electron configuration of [He]2s22p3. Atom’s elec conf: [He]2s22p4 this is oxygen, O 2. For each of the following species, give the total number of electrons and the number of valence electrons. Species Total Electrons Valence Electrons Carbon, C 6 4 Barium, Ba 56 2 Tungsten, W 74 2 Antimony, Sb 51 5 Sulfide, S2– 18 8 Magnesium cation, Mg2+ 10 8 Aluminum cation, Al3+ 10 8 Iodide, I– 54 8 1 of 2 UW CHEM 120 Summer 2012 3. For each of the following elements, write the ground‐state electron configurations for the neutr...
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