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Unformatted text preview: al atom and the most likely ionic species. What is the charge of the ion? Species Atom Elec Conf Ion Elec Conf Charge of Ion Sodium, Na [Ne]3s1 [Ne] +1 Cesium, Cs [Xe]6s1 [Xe] +1 Strontium, Sr [Kr]5s2 [Kr] +2 Fluorine, F [He]2s22p5 [Ne] ‐1 Chlorine, Cl [Ne]3s23p5 [Ar] ‐1 Oxygen, O [He]2s22p4 [Ne] ‐2 Aluminum, Al [Ne]3s23p1 [Ne] +3 4. Write the nuclear reactions for the following radioactive decays. a. Beta decay of Cesium‐137 137 137 0 55 Cs 56 Ba + 1e b. Positron emission of Manganese‐49 49 49 0 25 Mn 24 Cr + 1e c. Alpha emission Nobelium‐251 251 247 4 102 No 1...
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