See science 33012 1 oct 10 or pnas 10716823 atp from

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Unformatted text preview: e. [See Science 330:12 (1 Oct 10) or PNAS 107:16823] ATP from cytoplasmic NADH There is a problem with NADH from glycolysis: inner mitochondrial membrane is not permeable to NADH Glycerophosphate shuttle (animals): Electron input at Complex II FAD: expect 1.5 ATP/NADH Malate-aspartate shuttle (animals and plants) How much ATP/NADH? Summary M itochondrial electron transport produces H+ gradient + ! H gradient rotates the ATP synthase ! A TP synthase rotation forces ATP synthesis (release) ! NADH reducing power from cytoplasm must be shuttled into the mitocondrion ! A TP/glucose ratio depends on shuttle and on Fo !...
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