Rentals single family single family multiunit rentals

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Unformatted text preview: Play basketball, go bowling Watch movies on DVD Shop at Wal-Mart Attend horse races Practice yoga, play tennis Play basketball Own dog(s) Buy children’s products Do painting, drawing Have renter’s insurance Bank in person Use full-service bank Own annuities Have money market account Bank at savings & loan Use full-service bank Bank at savings & loan Go hunting, birdwatching Attend sporting events Do gardening, go hunting Gamble in Atlantic City Listen to country music on radio Watch BET Own/Lease SUV Own/Lease Honda Watch Golf Channel, HSN U7: Suburban Periphery 1 Listen to all-news radio U8: Suburban Periphery 2 Own/Lease imported vehicle U9: Small Towns Lease vehicle Watch rodeos, tractor pulls on TV Own/Lease Toyota Listen to classical music on radio Own annuities Watch cable TV Listen to country music Own shares in mutual fund (bonds) Go to the movies frequently Read fishing, hunting magazines Go hunting, fishing, horseback riding Play soccer, baseball Watch sports on TV Go fishing, play bingo, do crosswords Shop at BJ’s Wholesale Club Listen to Hispanic radio Visit Disney World (FL) Play volleyball, softball Have 2nd mortgage (equity loan) Play volleyball, word games Fly kites, play soccer Trade stocks/bonds/funds online Work on lawn, garden, DIY projects Have renter’s insurance Use credit union Member fraternal order, veterans’ club Buy baby products Own CD longer than 6 months Go fishing, read, play bingo Order products from Avon Read baby magazines Watch game, news shows on TV Watch cable TV Own Discover card Visit Six Flags Listen to Hispanic radio Own/Lease Toyota Definitions in the segment descriptions: Segment Legend Segment Number and Name 52 Inner City Tenants Own/Lease sedan 53 Home Town Own/Lease 4-/all-wheel drive vehicle 54 Urban Rows Watch news, science fiction shows on TV Own/Lease SUV 55 College Towns 56 Rural Bypasses Own/Lease Ford Own/Lease truck • Family: MC—Married couples • Family: Married couples with children • Family: Single parent • B: 190 Belong to AAA auto club R: 230 58 NeWest Residents 57 Simple Living 59 Southwestern Families 60 City Dimensions U5: Urban Outskirts 1 R: 29 B: 32 R: 230 G: 146 B: 0 61 High Rise Renters U10: Rural 1 The icon background color illustrates the LifeMode Summary Group. R: 29 B: 32 R: 205 G: 0 B: 37 62 Modest Income Homes Listen to Hispanic radio Own an ATV/UTV 63 Dorms to Diplomas Own motorcycle 65 Social Security Set 64 City Commons White Own/Lease station wagon Own/Lease domestic vehicle LifeMode Summary Group (top color) R: 128 G: 65 B: 24 Nonfamily: Shared Illustration L11 Factories and Farms L3 Metropolis L6 Scholars and Patriots L11 Factories and Farms L5 Senior Styles L8 Global Roots L9 Family Portrait L8 Global Roots L8 Global Roots L3 Metropolis L6 Scholars and Patriots L9 Family Portrait L5 Senior Styles Family Mix: People who are related in the household such as married couples, married couples with children, and single parents Urbanization Group U4 Metro Cities II U8 Suburba...
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