Shared singles shared mixed married couple families

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Unformatted text preview: Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle Prof/Mgmt/Skilled Prof/Mgmt/Srvc Skilled/Prof/Mgmt/Srvc Prof/Mgmt Prof/Mgmt Prof/Mgmt/Skilled/Srvc Skilled/Prof/Mgmt Skilled/Prof/Mgmt Prof/Mgmt Prof/Mgmt/Srvc Prof/Mgmt/Skilled/Srvc Prof/Mgmt Prof/Mgmt/Skilled/Srvc Skilled/Prof/Mgmt/Srvc Prof/Mgmt/Srvc Prof/Mgmt/Srvc Some College Some College; Bach/Grad No HS Diploma; HS; Some Coll Some College; Bach/Grad Some College; Bach/Grad Some College HS Grad; Some College HS Grad; Some College Bach/Grad Degree Some College; Bach Degree HS Grad; Some College Some College; Bach/Grad Some College HS Grad; Some College Some College No HS Diploma; HS; Some Coll Single Family Multiunits Single Family Single Family; Multiunits Multiunit Rentals Single Family; Multiunits Single Family Single Family; Mobile Home Multiunit Rentals Multiunits; Townhome Single Family Multiunits Single Family; Multiunits Single Family White White; Asian; Hispanic White; Hispanic; Asian White White; Asian; Hispanic White White White White; Asian White; Black White White Single Family; Mobile Home/ Seasonal Single Family White White White Black Dine out often at family restaurants Frequent fast-food/drive-in restaurants Gamble in Atlantic City Visit Sea World Visit museums Practice yoga Travel by plane frequently Go to the movies frequently Play bingo Travel Belong to church board Have mortgage insurance Have renter’s insurance Use a credit union Own annuities Have mortgage insurance Buy children’s toys/games Practice yoga Rent movies on DVD Play tennis Play frisbee Attend tennis matches Play basketball Listen to sporting events on radio Watch ed. channels, Cartoon Network Listen to all-news radio Listen to Hispanic radio Listen to public radio Watch court shows on TV Listen to alternative radio Watch comedies on TV Own/Lease minivan Own/Lease Nissan Own/Lease Toyota Own/Lease station wagon Own/Lease sedan Read 2+ daily, Sunday newspapers Listen to jazz, urban radio Rent car from Hertz Watch cable TV Own/Lease Nissan Read Epicurean, fashion magazines Read hunting/fishing magazines Belong to fraternal orders, unions, etc. Use credit union Own U.S. savings bonds Go hunting, fishing Use full-service brokerage firm Shop at Kohl’s Own CD longer than 6 months Have renter’s insurance Own latest electronics— MP3 players, PDAs Consult financial planner Have personal line of credit Play soccer/watch soccer on TV Have personal education loan Buy children’s and baby products Go fishing Have mortgage insurance Gardening, outdoor projects Own pets Own American Express card Buy children’s toys, games, clothes Have personal line of credit $190,991 per year L10 Traditional Living Single Family $16,937 per year L4 Solo Acts Some College Income Range of the LifeMode Summary Groups L3 Metropolis Prof/Mgmt The “I” or “II” after each Urbanization summary group name denotes the relative affluence within the group, with I being more affluent than II. L9 Family Portrait Married-Couple Families Rural L3 Metropolis U8 Suburban Periphery II Urban L9 Family Portrait Own/Lease domestic vehicle Own/Lease domestic vehicle 35 International Marketplace 36 Old and Newcomers 37 Prairie Living 38 Industrious Urban Fringe Participate in water sports Own/Lease Toyot...
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