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Unformatted text preview: tural, organic foods Listen to classical, all-news radio Watch Golf Channel Own/Lease Honda L5 Senior Styles: Senior lifestyles by income, age, and housing type L6 Scholars and Patriots: College, military environments L7 High Hopes: Young households striving for the “American Dream” L8 Global Roots: Ethnic and culturally diverse families L9 Family Portrait: Youth, family life, and children L10 Traditional Living: Middle-aged, middle income—Middle America L11 Factories and Farms: Hardworking families in small communities, settled near jobs L12 A merican Quilt: Households in Small Towns and rural areas U5 Urban Outskirts I: Close to city amenities with suburban affordability Own/Lease luxury car Read travel, sports magazines U6 Urban Outskirts II: Older homes, younger populations in suburban proximity to city life U7 Suburban Periphery I: Married-couple families in lower density, suburban expansion U8 Suburban Periphery II: Older homes on the urban fringe of metro areas U9 Small Towns: Affordable, close-knit, settled neighborhoods away from urban areas 18 Cozy and Comfortable 19 Milk and Cookies Own American Express card Listen to public, all-news, classical radio Have navigational system in vehicle 20 City Lights Visit Disney World (FL) Use service for property/ garden maintenance Listen to sports on radio Listen to all-news radio Listen to classic hits radio Read 2+ Sunday newspapers Own/Lease SUV Have navigational system in vehicle Own 3+ vehicles Own/Lease SUV 21 Urban Villages 22 Metropolitans 23 Trendsetters 24 Main Street, USA Rent car from Budget Listen to classical music on radio Spent $30,000+ on last vehicle purchase 25 Salt of the Earth 26 Midland Crowd Own/Lease imported vehicle 27 Metro Renters Bank online Read computer magazines Own a dog Watch cable TV Drive 20,000+ miles annually 28 Aspiring Young Families 29 Rustbelt Retirees Own/Lease Honda 30 Retirement Communities Own/Lease Buick Own/Lease luxury car 31 Rural Resort Dwellers 32 Rustbelt Traditions Read computer magazines Have home equity credit line Attend country music shows Watch auto racing on TV Drive 20,000+ miles annually 33 Midlife Junction 34 Family Foundations U10 Rural I: Small Towns and villages of marriedcouple families U11 Rural II: Low-population density in rural farm areas, small settlements Levels of the Urbanization Groups L2 Upscale Avenues L11 Factories and Farms L12 American Quilt L4 Solo Acts L7 High Hopes L5 Senior Styles L5 Senior Styles L12 American Quilt L10 Traditional Living L10 Traditional Living L10 Traditional Living U3 Metro Cities I U1 Principal Urban Centers I U1 Principal Urban Centers I U3 Metro Cities I U1 Principal Urban Centers I U5 Urban Outskirts I U10 Rural I U10 Rural I U1 Principal Urban Centers I U4 Metro Cities II U8 Suburban Periphery II U4 Metro Cities II U10 Rural I U5 Urban Outskirts I U8 Suburban Periphery II U4 Metro Cities II Married Couples w/Kids Mixed Family Mix Singles; Shared Singles; Shared Mixed Married-Couple Families Married-Couple Families Singles; Shared Family Mix MC w/No Kids; Singles Singles Married Couples w/No Kids Mixed Mixed Family Mix 42.0 33.7 38.4 30.8 37.6 35.3 36.7 41.5 37.0 33.5 30.4 45.2 52.2 47.2 36.5 41.5 39.1 Upper Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle...
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