J j thomsons favorite toast robert millikan oil drops

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Unformatted text preview: Ohm’s law: V = I × R Georg Ohm, 1827 •  •  •  Michael Faraday, 1834 Semiconductors are not metals Semiconductor resistance decreases with temperature •  •  •  J. J. Thomson, 1897 (measured only charge/mass ra1o) “To the electron – may it never be of any use to anybody.” – J. J. Thomson's favorite toast •  •  Robert Millikan, oil drops, 1909 Measuring the electron charge: 1.6 × 10 ­19 C Sources: Wikipedia, h:p://www.pbs.org/transistor The electronic age •  ENIAC: The first electronic computer (1946) •  30 tons, including ~20,0...
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