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Kilby texas instruments dallas texas 2000 nobel in

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Unformatted text preview: ois ECE & Physics 1951 ­1991 The transistor •  The way I provided the name, was to think of what the device did. And at that 1me, it was supposed to be the dual of the vacuum tube. The vacuum tube had transconductance, so the transistor would have “transresistance.” And the name should fit in with the names of other devices, such as varistor and thermistor. And… I suggested the name “transistor.” – John R. Pierce AT&T Bell Labs, 1948 Early transistor applica1ons Today Integrated circuit containing millions of transistors The integrated circuit JACK S. KILBY Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas 2000 Nobel in Physics 1947 BSEE, UIUC The microprocessor •  •  The first microprocessor, Intel 4004 (1971)...
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