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Levels_of_Organization - 4 Tissue-organ Level Tissues...

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Levels of Organization 1. Protoplasmic Level - Unicellular organisms (protozoa) - All life functions occur within the boundaries of 1 cell. - Organelles carry out specialized functions 2. Cellular Level -Aggregations of cells, groups with specialized functions - Division of labor 3. Cell-tissue Level - Groups of similar cells arranged in definite patterns or layers with a common function = Tissue - Many scattered cells still present.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Tissue-organ Level- Tissues arranged into organs- Organ consists of multiple tissue types and has a very specialized function 5. Organ-system Level- Groups of organs working together to perform a particular function- Systems associated with basic body functions- 11 body systems: Integumentary Immune Skeletal Respiratory Muscular Digestive Nervous Urinary Endocrine Reproductive Circulatory...
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