14 propose a method by which you could separate

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Unformatted text preview: t the structure of the DNA from M13 phage? 12. Which amino acids contribute nitrogens to the purine and pyrimidine biosynthetic pathways? 13. Endo vs. exo when describing nucleotide structure refers to what? 14. Propose a method by which you could separate fully mature mRNA from all other RNA in an eukaryotic cell lysate. 15. Compare/contrast the types of molecular interactions that might be typical for sequence ­specific vs. sequence ­independent DNA binding proteins. Give specific examples. 16. Compare and contrast error correction in replication vs. transcription vs. translation. 17. In words, compare and contrast the biochemical mechanisms of the anti ­HIV drug AZT and the antibiotic puromycin. Be specific. 18. Propose a re...
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