Pentostatin acts as an effective anticancer agent by

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Unformatted text preview: decreases the levels of fatty acids circulating in the bloodstream in type II diabetics? 7. Pentostatin acts as an effective anti ­cancer agent by blocking adenosine deaminase, an enzyme important in the purine degradation pathway. Suggest a possible biochemical explanation for how pentostatin prevents DNA biosynthesis in cancer cells. 8. What is the result of incubating Rubisco in the absence of CO2 with ribulose 1,5 bisphosphate and a high concentration of O2? 9. Starting with pyridoxal phosphate show the mechanism of racemization of L ­Ala to D ­Ala. 10. Folates are important for what two general cellular processes? 11. The DNA of phage M13 is 23% A, 36% T, 21% G, and 20% C. What is odd about these percentages and what does this suggest abou...
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