You do not generate product why 20

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Unformatted text preview: asonable mechanism for the conversion of FGAR to FGAM. (Hint: there are two active sites in this enzyme.) 19. You are performing PCR with the following ingredients: DNA template, DNA primers, Mg2+, all 4 dNTPs, DNA polymerase I (from E. coli), and an appropriate buffer. You do not generate product. Why? 20. CRP, which is involved in the lac operon, has a typical helix ­turn ­helix motif. How does it most likely interact with DNA? 21. Briefly explain why oxidation of fatty acids to ketone bodies instead of CO2 yields less ATP/fatty acid. 22. The compound DCMU is an herbicide that blocks electron transfer between plastoquinones and photosystem II. Explain what happens...
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