Natural selecon at work galpagos finches 1 is beak

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Unformatted text preview: +on) vs. fitness of another allele (or combo) 90 Natural Selec+on & Adapta+on •  NOTE: Biological defini+ons of adapta+on & fitness VERY different than way used in everyday language Natural Selection Generation 1 Generation 2 any trait that allows an individual to out ­ = ADAPTATION reproduce individuals without that trait ADAPTATION is also the process by which organisms become beber matched to their environment. Natural Selec+on at Work: Galápagos Finches 1. Is beak size heritable? 2. Is beak size correlated with food source? • Posi+ve correla+on b/w beak size & seed hardness 3. What was the average beak depth of Daphne Major’s medium ground finch? Correla+on b/w beak size & type of food available? 94 Natural Selec+on: Direc+onal •  Individuals at phenotypic varia+on have •  Tends to gene+c varia+on w/in a popula+on 102 Observing direc+onal selec+on in experiments is common Natural Selec+on: Stabilizing •  When selec+on re...
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