mitochondria 211 the energy power

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Unformatted text preview: ane cells. ________________________ Mitochondria 2.11 The energy power houses of a cell. ________________________ 2.12 Protozoan's with cilia are given this common name. Ciliates or ciliophora ________________________ 2.13 Photoautotrophs use this energy source to synthesize organic Light compounds. ________________________ 2.14 One of the advantages of a membrane surrounding the nucleus is that this part of gene Tranlsation expression is restricted to the cytoplasm. ________________________ 2.15 Mitochondria replicate themselves using this bacterial Binary fission process (Two words) ________________________ 2.16 In the endosymbiont theory what type of metabolism did the eukaryote cell Anaerobic have? ________________________ Two 2.17 In billions of years the length of the Proterozoic eon. ________________________ Point 2.18 Type of mutation when only one nucleotide is changed. ________________________ Page 3 of 5 BIO1130 Midterm Examination – November 13, 2010 STUDENT NUMBER:_______________________________ Don’t enter your name. Salt 2.19 Halophile bacteria love this. ________________________ 2.20 During the eight cell stage in the developing embry the cells above the equatorial plane shift; Spiral its this type of cleavage. ________________________ 2.21 Name for the complex of genetic information and proteins that make up the Chromatin chromosome. ________________________ Nucleoid 2.22 Bacterial nuclear material is organized in the region. ________________________ 2.23 Bacterial diversity is best seen in the different choices of electron acceptors used in Metabolic respiration. ________________________ 2.24 The Cambrian fauna were the first to do this tapped into a food resource on the oceans Burrow bottom that no one had been able to use. ________________________ 2.25 A mutually beneficial relationship between two organism is referred to as Symbiosis this. ________________________ 2.26 The Cambrian period marks the start of this the final geological Phanerozoic e...
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