vol ii pp 1 70 coase r h 1960 the problem of social

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Unformatted text preview: , Compensation: An Examination of the Law, Working Paper No. 14, Wellington Castiglioni, A. 1969, A History of Medicine, New York, Jason Aronson Castles, A. C. 1989a, "Now and Then Australian Meditations on Magna Carta", The Australian Law Journal, v. 63, February 1989, pp. 122-125 [(1989) 63 A.L.J. 122] Castles, A. C. 1989b, "Now and Then The Elusive Common Law and Section 80 of the Judiciary Act 1903 (Cth), Australian Law Journal, v. 63 pp. 490-493 [(1989) 63 A.L.J. 490] Caudill, D. S. 1987, "Disclosing Tilt: A Partial Defense of Critical Legal Studies a Comparative Introduction to the Philosophy of the Law-Idea", 72 Iowa Law Review 287358 Chamberlain, John 1976, The Roots of Capitalism, Liberty Press Cheney, C. R. 1982, The Papacy and England 12th-14th Centuries, Variorum Reprints Cherry, R. T. 1970, Introduction to Business Finance, Wadsworth Books Cheyney, E. P. 1936, The Dawn of a New Era 1250-1453, New York Harper & Bros. 361 Cirace, J. 1990, "Synthesis of L a w and Economics", [1990] Southwestern Law Review, vol 44, p. 1139 [44 Southwestern Law Review 1139] Clairmont, F. F. 1996, The Rise and Fall of Economic Liberalism, Southbound/Third World Network Clanchy, M.T. 1979, From Memory to Written Record, England 1066-1485 London, Edward Arnold Books Clanchy, M. T. 1993, From Memory to Written Record, England 1066-1307, 2nd edition Cambridge, Oxford University Press Clarke, D. L. 1966, "Trade and Industry in Barbarian Europe till Roman Times" Cambridge Economic History of Europe, 2 n d ed., vol. II, pp. 1-70 Coase, R. H. 1960, "The Problem of Social Cost", 3 Journal of Law and Economics 1 Cohan, A. B. 1972, Financial Decision Making - Theory and Practice, Prentice Hall Conn, G. 1967', Existentialism and Legal Science, Oceana Publications Coke, E., 1628, Institutes of the Law of England, vol. 1, (Coke upon Littleton), 18 reprint, N e w York, Gryphon Legal Classics Cole, C. L. 1969, The Economic Fabric of Society, Harcourt Brace & World Conway, L. 1997, Late Payment of Commercial Debt, Research Paper 97/25, Business and Transport Section, H ouse of C o m m o n s Library (UK) Conway, L. 1998, Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Bill [HL] 1997/98 House of C o m m o n s Library Research Paper 98/42, available online at http ://www.parliament.uk Cooke, C, A, 1936, "Legal Rule and Economic Function" [1936] The Economic Journal, vol. X L V I (46), N o. 181, M arch 1936, pp. 21-43 Cooke, C. A. 1937, "The Legal Content of the Profit Concept" [1937] 46 Yale Law Journal 436 Cooke, E. 1994, "Trespass, Mesne Profits and Restitution" [1994] U0 Law Quarterly Review 4 20 Cooke, J. 1871, "Restitution" A Sketch of the History of Berkeley, Gloucester, John Bellows http://www.rotwang.freeserve.co.uk/HistorvOfBerke1ev/Chapter07.html Cooke P. J., and Oughton, D. W., 1989, The Common Law of Obligations Butterworths Cooney, J. H. 1993, Usury Revisited, Department of Accountancy, University of Wollongong, 1993 Working Paper, Series N o. 2 Cooper-Stephenson, K. D. 1990, Charter Damages Claims, Toronto, Carswell Books 362 Covell, W . and Lupton, K . 1995, Principles of Remedies, Sydney, Butterworths Creedy, J., and O'Brien, D.P. 1984, Economic Analysis in Historical Perspective Butterworths Cromartie, A. 1995, Sir Matthew Hale 1609-1676, Cambridge University Press Cross, R. and Harris, W. 1991, Precedent in English Law, 4th edition, Oxford, Claren Press Deane, P. 1978, The Evolution of Economic Ideas, Cambridge University Press Denning LJ 1959, From Precedent to Precedent, Oxford, Clarendon Press Denning LJ 1982, What's Next in the Law?, Butterworths Department of Trade and Industry (UK) 1997, Improving the Payment Culture: A Statutory Right to Claim Interest on Late Payment of Commercial Debt, B G P S De Roover, R. 1978, "The Development of Accounting Prior to Luca Pacioli According to the Account-Books of Medieval Merchants" in Littleton A .C. and Y amey, B . S. 1978, Studies in the History ofAccounting, A rno Press, pp. 114-174 Devlin, Lord 1976, "Judges and Lawmakers" Chorley Lecture 25 June 1975 (1976) The Modern Law Review, vol. 39, no. 1, pp. 1-16 [39 M.L.R. 1] Devlin, P. [Sir] 1966, Trial by Jury, Stevens and Sons Digby, K. E. 1875, Introduction to the History of the Law of Real Property, Claren Press reprint, Oxford, Macmillan and Co. DiLallo, T. 1990, "The Measure of Damages in Contract", in Business Law Education Centre, Damages in Contract and Tort, Melbourne, September 1990, pp. 239-60 Dobb, Maurice 1925, Capitalist Enterprise and Social Progress, George Routledge & Sons Ltd. Douglas, C. and Greenway W. (eds) 1968, British Historical Documents, vol II 10421189, Eyre and Spottiswoode Dominiak, G. F. and Louderback, J. G. (Ill) 1988, Managerial Accounting 5th ed. PWSKent h Dominiak, G. F. and Louderback, J. G . (Ill) 1991, Managerial Accounting 6 ed. P W S Kent Dorfrnan, R. 1989 "Thomas Robert Malthus and David Ricardo&quo...
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