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Unformatted text preview: en, R. 1987, "Selling Forgiveness; How Money Sparked the Protestant Reformation", Christian History, vol. 6, no. 2, Christian History Institute, pp 18-19 Plucknett, T. F. T. 1928, "New Light on the Old County Court", Harvard Law Review, V ol 4 2, [1928-9] pp. 639-675 Plucknett T. F. T. 1931, "Case and the Statute of Westminster II", Columbia Law Review, No\. 31, pp. 778-99 Plucknett, T.F.T. 1958, Early English Legal Literature, Cambridge University Press Polanyi, K. 1944, The Great Transformation, Beacon Books Pollock, F. 1899, Pollock, F. Maitland F. W. 1898, The History of English Law Before the Time of Edwar I, 2nd edition, 1989 reprint, Cambridge University Press Posner, R. A. 1992, The Economic Analysis of Law, 4th edition, Little, Brown and Co. Posner, R. A. 1980a, "The Value of Wealth: A Comment on Dworkin and Kronman", 9 Journal ofLegal Studies, 243-252 Posner, R. A. 1980b, "The Ethical and Political Basis of the Efficiency Norm in C o m m o n L a w Adjudication", [1979-80] 8 Hofstra Law Review 487 Posner, R. A., 1981, The Economics of Justice, Cambridge, Harvard University Press Posner, R. A. and Rosenfield, A. M. 1979, "Impossibility and Related Doctrines in Contract Law: A n Economic Analysis", [1979] 6 Journal of Legal Studies 83-118 Powell, J. J. 1790, Essay Upon the Law of Contracts, 1978 reprint, Garland Publishin Powell, J. L. 1996, "The Duty of Care", in Birks, P. (ed) 1996, Wrongs and Remedies the Twenty First Century, Oxford, Clarendon Press, pp. 47-66 373 Pribram, K. 1983, A History of Economic Reasoning, Baltimore, John Hopkins University Press Price, C. 1993, Time, Discounting and Value, Blackwell Books Priest, G. L. 1977, "The Common Law Process and the Selection of Efficient Rules". [1977] 6 Journal ofLegal Studies 65-82 Priest, W. R. 1986, The Rise of the Barrister, Clarendon Press Ravlic, T. 2000, "The Great Intangible Debate", Australian CPA, July 2000, ASCPA, pp 28-30 Raz, J. 1972, "Legal Principles and the Limits of Law", 81 Yale Law Journal (1972) Raz, J. 1973, The Concept of a Legal System, Oxford, Clarendon Press Reeves, J. 1787, History of the English Law from the Time of the Saxons to the End Reign of Phillip and Mary, 2 n d edition, Augustus M . Kelley, 1969 R othman Reprint Reid, Lord "The Judge as Law Maker", (1972) Journal of the Society of Public Teache ofLaw, vol. 12, p. 2 2 Reilly, F. K. 1994, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, 4 edition, Drysde Press Renick, J. 1987, "Francis and the Waldensians", Christian History, vol. VI, no. 2, Ricardo, D. 1817, On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, London, John Murray Robert, R. 1952, "A Short History of Tallies", in Littleton, A. C. and Yamey, B. S. 1978, Studies in the History ofAccounting, A rno Press, pp. 75-85 Robertson, H. M. 1933, "Accounting and Capitalism", Yamey, B. S. 1978, The Historical Development of Accounting, A rno Press Roebuck, D. 1983, The Background of the Common Law, University of Papua New Guinea Press Ross, S. A. Westerfield, R. W. and Jaffe, J. F. 1996, Corporate Finance, 4th ed., Mcgraw-Hill Ross, S. A. 1998, "Finance", in Palgrave's Dictionary of Economics and Finance, MacMillan & Co. Ross, S. A. 2000, "Finance", Palgrove's Dictionary of Economics and Finance, 2nd ed., MacMillan 374 Ross, T hompson, Christensen, Westerfield, and Jordan 2001, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 2" ed., Sydney, McGraw-Hill Rubin, P. H. 1977, "Why Is the Common Law Efficient?", [1977] 6 Journal of Legal Studies, pp.51-63 Runciman, S. 1987, "Byzantine Trade and Industry," The Cambridge Economic History ofEurope, 2 n d ed., pp. 132-167 Runyon, D. 1987, "St. Francis of Assisi on the Joy of Poverty," Christian History v no. 2, A .K. Curtis, Christian History Institute Russell, E. 1998, "Establishing Medical Negligence - A Herculean Task," Scots Law Times, pp. 17-23 Salafia, V. 1999, "Law, Literature, and Legend, the Definitional Problem with Breho Law," online http://www.brehon.org/law.html Sammon, N. 1997, The Henrician Court During Cardinal Wolsey's Ascendancy 15141529, P h D Thesis, University of Wales, U M I Microform Samuel, G. 1984, "Roman Law and Modern Capitalism," Legal Studies, 4 (2), 1984, pp. 185-210 Samuels, G., 1994, The Foundations of Legal Reasoning, MAKLU, Ontwerp Schaff, P. and Wace, H. (eds) 1955, The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Grand Rapid Eerdmans online http://www.ccel.org/fathers2/ Schlag, P. 1985, "Rules and Standards," 33 UCLA Law Review, (1985) pp. 379-430 Schultz, F. 1936, Principles of Roman Law, Wolf, M. translation, 1956 reprint, Oxfo Clarendon Press Schumpeter, J. 1954, A History of Economic Analysis, New York, Oxford University Press Scroeder, H. J. 1937, "The Canons of the Fourth Lateran Council," Disciplinary Decr of the General Councils: Text Translation and Commentary, St. Louis...
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